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They had copic markers on sale the other day at the art supply store, so I naturally had to buy the set, back in the day before I had Photoshop I had to do everything in copic and traditional mediums, I decided I need to take some time and go back to keep myself from getting rusty! hence this whole picture was done in copic!

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Deduce This!

I had actually done this one a whiles back and realized I never put it anywhere on Tumblr! I must say that I find this pretty believable considering what a brat Sherlock can be ;)

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Its hard to update your blog when your pocket size!

I decided to upload my progression on this one….I actually had fun drawing the laptop keyboard on my comp…and the blog is a screencap of John Watsons actual blog you can see it here its fun to read through :D


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the BBC Sherlock Holmes is really such a brat…..I just keep feeling that someday John is just going to have enough and give him what for ;)