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I LOVE these two so much!!!!!!  ALL found on Pixiv under the tag 芋親子 (Potato parents)

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A super fast scrappy sketchy doujin I just instantly started drawing out of pure spontaneity, this idea just struck me and wouldn’t stop. I have no idea where it is going…but its going somewhere ;)

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Old Fritz is pretty laid back, but there are a few things he will not hesitate to turn Prussia over for and one of them things would be, being unmannerly to woman. since Prussia grew up around men most of his life, he has little or no experience in behaving as a proper gentleman in polite company. but under Old Fritz’s rule, Prussia will learn how to uphold himself, lest he is taken the the carriage house for further instruction.

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Prussia has faced enemy on the battlefield, and ruthless tortures of war, but if he had to name his most terrifying experience, it was going to a ball and having to dance with girls. Thankfully Old Fritz knows his way around the dance floor, but can he keep Prussia in the line of the elegance required for the ball, or will Prussia loose this battle of the ballroom?

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I have been wanting to draw Prussia and Old Fritz for a long long looong time!…this weekend I managed quite a few sketches, this being the first ;) I wanted to start out with a nice casual feeling between them, Prussia is still young, but is steadily growing under the old mans wisdom, and Prussia does not buck his authority, and Old Fritz is very understanding of Prussias energy and indulges him bit

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OMG!! GAAA I swear I LOVE these two sooo MUCH!!! can’t wait till its translated!

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When you find a note like this on your bed

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Could you draw austria spanking prussia and then have hungary taking pictures? :3 love your art btw

Well….I tried…and this is what came out…..

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Prussia (Teutonic Order), Lithuania (Grand Duchy). I needed a much lighter note after my last fic! Just a fun little drabble prompted by a picture on here and a conversation with Ark and Die. I would have chosen an earlier date for age’s sake, but for the little plot this one worked best. xD I always picture them anywhere between 14 and 15 here in this age. Still young but old enough to accompany in battle. They looked about this age in Tannenberg 1410 so I think it’s a fair assumption.




Toris glared at the clothing that was being held out in front of him with such disgust that the thing might just burst into flame at any moment. His arms were crossed over his own green tunic, eyes shifting up to the culprit holding the object of interest as it was lowered with an exasperated sigh. “Just put it on!”

“That isn’t a part of the deal…” Toris muttered, eyes narrowing at the white-haired nation in front of him. Gilbert, the little ‘nation’ known as the Teutonic Order was currently holding an outfit just like his own. A white tunic with a large black cross on it and gray pants.

“Yeah but you owe me! I don’t trust you this time. You’ve promised me Samogitia* like three times!” Gilbert argued with his own little glare.

“Hey, I just do what my bosses tell me. Put that away, I’m not even a Christian!” Toris waved his hand, turning his back on the other nation.

“Your—well—one of your bosses was baptized! Wigand!” Gilbert argued. Toris turned back around quickly, looking ready to fight.

“Vytautas! His name is Vytautas.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever you say. He was baptized and he promised to be a good little Catholic didn’t he? Ach, but then he went back on his word didn’t he? That Jogi guy too.”

“Jogaila!” Toris was growing more frustrated.

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SO MUCH AWESOME!!!! it just made my B-day even better to read this!!! and I feel my fingers itching to draw something to match this! :D

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"When will you ever LEARN!"
that must be Germanias constant complaint with Prussia

"When will you ever LEARN!"

that must be Germanias constant complaint with Prussia